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“能源与环境经济学”系列讲座第21期:Disaster, Energy, and Economy

  发布日期:2014-05-23  浏览次数:
题目:Disaster, Energy, and Economy

主讲:Shunsuke Managi 副教授


简介: The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (earthquake and the triggered tsunami and nuclear meltdown) caused severe damages especially at the coastal area. This talk is based on several research papers and provides an overview With regard to the nuclear power, a number of organizations and associations have been involved in the nuclear power issue, and the information provided by them are often confusing and missing the main points.
Shunsuke Managi is the Associate Professor of Resource and Environmental Economics at the Tohoku University, Japan. He is an editor of Environmental Economic and Policy Studies and on the editorial board for six journals including associate editor of Resource and Energy Economics, a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and is the author of 'Technology, Natural Resources and Economic Growth: Improving the Environment for a Greener Future', published by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.
He is the author of 12 books and more than 100 academic journal papers. He has published in peer reviewed journals such as Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Land Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, International Journal of Production Economics, Omega, Energy Economics, Environment and Development Economics, Ecological Economics, Economic Modelling, Agricultural Economics, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Energy Policy, and Physica A. He has also written general-interest columns for newspaper such as The Guardian and his study is also featured in life sciences journal such as Science. IDEAS/RePEc ranks him among the top 40 young economists in the world and top in Asia (10 years or less), ranked 37 as of August 2012.

主持: 吴力波




主办: 复旦大学世界经济学系