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Ownership Dynamics after Partial Privatization: Evidence from China

Nancy Huyghebaert and全骐

Journal of Law and Economices

forthcoming; online available: May, 2011

Income Redistribution in Urban China by Social Security System– An Empirical Analysis Based on Annual and Lifetime Income

何立新and Hiroshi SATO

Contemporary Economic Policy

forthcoming; online available:28 DEC 2011

What to target? Inflation or exchange rate

林曙、Haichun Ye

Southern Economic Journal

卷: 78 期: 4 页: 1202-1221出版年: APR 2012

Guanxi and Entrepreneurship in Urban China

Michael Troilo,张军

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy

卷: 17 期: 5 页: 315-331 出版年: 2012

The Rise of Middle Class in Rural China

章元、Wan Guanghua, Niny Khor

China Agricultural Economic Review

卷:4 期: 1页: 36-51出版年:2012

Persistent Ideology and the Determination of Public Policies over Time


International Economic Review

卷: 53 期: 1 页: 175-202出版年: FEB 2012

Examining the role of risk aversion in calculating the welfare cost of consumption fluctuations

Chun-Yu Ho, Alex Wai-Yip Ho ,李丹

Applied Economics Letters

卷: 19 期: 9 页: 801-806 出版年: 2012

Public Pension and Household Saving: Evidence from Urban China

封进、何立新、Hiroshi Sato

Journal of Comparative Economics

卷: 39期: 4 页: 470-485出版年: DEC 2011

The Dynamics of Inequality and Social Security in General Equilibrium


Review of Economic Dynamics

卷: 14 期: 4 页: 613-635出版年: OCT 2011

Structural Change, Productivity Growth and Industrial Transformation in China

陈诗一、Gary Jefferson、张军

China Economic Review


Information transmission in informationally linked markets: Evidence from US and Chinese commodity futures markets

刘庆富、Yunbi An

Journal of International Money and Finance

卷: 30 期: 5 页: 778-795出版年: SEP 2011

The Abatement of Carbon Intensity in China: Factor Decomposition and Policy Implications


The World Economy

卷: 34 期: 7 页: 1148-1167 出版年: JUL 2011

The Abatement of Carbon Intensity in China: Factor Decomposition and Policy Implications

Chen, Shiyi

The World Economy

卷: 34期:7 页:1148–1167出版年:JUL 2011

The role of financial development in exchange rate regime choices

林曙、Haichun Ye

Journal of International Money and Finance

卷: 30 期: 4 页: 641-659 出版年: JUN 2011

Labour Market Transition, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in China

陆铭、Hong Gao

International Labour Review

卷: 150 期: 1-2 页: 101-126出版年: JUN 2011

Entrepreneurs, Organizational Members, Political Participation and Preferential Government Treatment: Evidence from China

陈钊、Yongzhi Sun、Alexander Newman、Wei Xu

International Small Business Journal

forthcoming; online available:2011-5-18

Modeling Default Risk with Support Vector Machines

陈诗一, Wolfgang K. Härdle, Rouslan A. Moro

Quantitative Finance

卷: 11 期: 1 页: 135-154出版年: APR 2011

Growing like China

宋铮, Kjetil Storesletten, Fabrizio Zilibotti

American Economic Review

卷: 101 期: 1 页: 196-233 出版年: FEB 2011

Changing money market and monetary policy operations in China: an institutional perspective

Man Kwong Leung,陆前进

Journal of Contemporary China

卷: 20 期: 69 页: 287-305出版年: 2011

Termination of Dynamic Contracts in an Equilibrium Labor Market Model


Journal of Economic Theory

卷: 146期: 1页: 74-110出版年: JAN 2011

Declining Labor Share: is China's Case Different?

罗长远、张 军

China & World Economy

卷: 18 期: 6 页: 1-18 出版年: NOV-DEC 2010

China Trade Policy Review: A Political Economy Approach


The World Economy

卷: 33期: 11页: 1390-1413出版年: NOV 2010

An Empirical Analysis of Household Choices on Housing and Travel Mode in Boston

Dan Li,T.R. Lakshmanan, Chun-Yu Ho and William P. Anderson

Annals of Regional Science

卷: 45 期: 2 页: 423-438出版年: OCT 2010

Oil Price Shocks and Their Short-and-Long-Term Effects on the Chinese Economy

吴力波, Kaneko, Shinji, Matsuoka, Shunji

Energy Policy

卷: 32 特刊: SI增刊: 1页: S3-S14 出版年:September 2010

Financing Development: The Role of Information Costs

Greenwood, Jeremy, Juan Sanchez and王城

American Economic Review

卷: 100 期: 4 页: 1875-1891 出版年: SEP 2010

Consumption Fluctuation and Welfare: Evidence from China

Chun-Yu Ho, Wai-Yip Alex Ho,李丹

The World Development

卷: 38 期: 9页: 1315-1327出版年: SEP 2010

Equilibrium Lending Mechanism and Aggregate Activity

王城and RuiLin Zhou

International Economic Review

卷: 51 期: 3 页: 631-651 出版年: AUG 2010

Forecasting Volatility with Support Vector Machines Based GARCH Model

陈诗一, Wolfgang K. Härdle, Kiho Jeong

Journal of Forecasting

卷: 29 期: 4 页: 406-433出版年: JUL 2010

Comparative Output and Labor Productivity in Manufacturing Between China, Japan, Korea and the United States for ca.1935 Aproduction-side PPP Approach

袁堂军, Kyoji Fukao, Harry X. Wu

Explorations in Economic History

卷: 47 期: 3 特刊: SI 页: 325-346 出版年: JUL 2010

Spatial Dependence and Divergence across Chinese Cities

Ho, Chun-Yu,李 丹

Review of Development Economics

卷: 14 期: 2 页: 386-403 出版年: MAY 2010

Health,Taxes and Growth

Gong, Liutang, Hongyi Li,王弟海, Heng-fu Zou

Annals of Economics and Finance

卷: 11 期: 1 页: 73-94 出版年: MAY 2010

Divergence and Spatial Dependence of Chinese Cities

Chun-Yu Ho,李丹

Review of Development Economics

卷: 14 期: 2 页: 386-403 出版年: MAY 2010

Is the Chinese Economy Moving in the Direction of Tertiarization?

程大中, Jean-Marc Blanchard

China and World Economy

卷: 17 期: 6 页: 88-105 出版年: DEC 2009

The Capability of the Samsung Group in Project Execution and Vertical Integration: Created in Korea, Replicated in China

Lee, Keun,何喜有

Asian Business & Management

卷: 8 期: 3 页: 277-299出版年: SEP 2009

Power as a Driving Force of Inequality in China: How do Party Membership and Social Networks Affect Pay in Different Ownership Sectors?

Shuang Li,陆 铭,Hiroshi Sato

Cesifo Economic Studies

卷: 55 期: 3-4 页: 624-647 出版年: SEP-DEC 2009

Share Issuing Privatization in China: Sequencing and its Effects on Public Share Allocation and Underpricing

Nancy Huyghebaert,全 骐

Journal of Comparative Economics

卷: 37 期: 2 页: 306-320 出版年: JUN 2009

Resource Grabbing by Status-conscious Agents

Van Long N, Wang SZ(王胜祖)

Journal of Development Economics

卷: 89期: 1页: 39-50 出版年:MAY 2009

Incentives in Academic Tenure under Asymmetric Information

陈 钊, Sang-ho Lee

Economic Modelling

卷: 26 期: 2 页: 300-308 出版年: MAR 2009

The Nexus of Income and Size Distribution of Chinese Cities, 1984-2003

Chun-Yu Ho,李 丹

Applied Economics Letters

卷: 16 期: 17 页: 1677-1682出版年: 2009

Recent Developments on RTAs in North East Asia

Hwang HD, Yin XS(尹翔硕)

Asia Europe Economy

卷: 6 期: 3-4 页: 455-466出版年: NOV 2008

Labor Market Reform, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in China

陆 铭, Jiang, Shiqing

China & World Economy

卷: 16 期: 6 页: 63-80出版年: NOV-DEC 2008

China's Construction Land Expansion and Economic Growth:A Capital-output Ratio Based Analysis


China & World Economy

卷: 16 期: 6 出版年: NOV-DEC 2008

The Political Economy of China's Robust Performance

张 军, Wan, Guanghua

Journal of the Asica Pacific Economy

卷:13 期: 3页: 255-259出版年:2008

Term Limits and Rotation of Chinese Governors: do They Matter to Economic Growth?

张 军, Gao, Yuan

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy

卷: 13 期: 3 页: 274-297出版年: 2008

Rising Regional Inequality in China: Policy Regimes and Structual Changes

Ho, Chun-Yu,李 丹

Papers in Regional Science

卷: 87 期: 2 页: 245-259出版年: JUN 2008

Power and political participation of Entrepreneurs: Evidence from Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

陈 钊,陆 铭, He, Junzhi

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy

卷: 13 期: 3 页: 298-312出版年: 2008

Experiments on Risk Attitude: The Case of Chinese Students

Shunichiro SASAKI,谢识予, Fumio OHTAKE, Jie QIN, Yoshiro TSUTSUI

China Economic Review

卷: 19期: 2页: 245-259出版年:JUN 2008

External Dependent Economy and Structural Real Estate Bubbles in China

孙立坚, Zhang, Shengxing

China & World Economy

卷: 16 期: 1 页: 34-50出版年: JAN-FEB 2008

Revealed Comparative Advantage, Intra-industry Trade and the US Manufacturing Trade Deficit with China

沈国兵, Gu, Anthony Yanxiang

China & World Economy

卷: 15 期: 6 页: 87-103 出版年: NOV-DEC 2007

Globalization and Regional Income Inequality-Evidence from within China

Guanghua Wan,陆 铭,陈 钊

Review of Income and Wealth

卷: 53 期: 1 页: 35-59出版年:MAR 2007

China’s FDI Net Inflow and Deterioration of Term of Trade: Paradox and Explanation


China & World Economy

卷: 15 期: 1 页: 87-95 出版年: JAN-FEB 2007

The Inequality-growth Nexus in the Short and Long Run: Empirical Evidence from China

Wan, Guanghua,陆 铭,陈 钊

Journal of Comparative Economics

卷: 34期: 4页: 654-667出版年: DEC 2006

Dynamics of Energy-related CO2Emissions in China during 1980 to 2002:The Relative Importance of Energy Supply-side and Demand-side Effects

吴力波, Kaneko, Shinji, Matsuoka, Shunji

Energy Policy

卷: 34期: 18 页: 3549-3572出版年:DEC 2006