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金融科技与安全高端讲坛第5期:An introduction to AutoML

  发布日期:2018-09-17  浏览次数:

题目:An introduction to AutoML



主持:刘庆富 教授

Abstract:The key challenge in making AI technology more accessible to the broader community is the scarcity of AI experts. Most businesses simply don’t have the much needed resources or skills for modeling and engineering. This is why automated machine learning and deep learning technologies (AutoML and AutoDL) are increasingly valued by academics and industries. The core of AI lies in the model design. Automated machine learning technologies reduce the barrier to AI application, enabling developers with no AI expertise to independently and easily develop and deploy AI models. Automated machine learning is expected to completely overturn the AI industry in the next few years, making AI accessible to everyone.


美国人工智能平台OneClick.ai的CTO及联合创始人。拥有超过15年的机器学习科研和团队管理经验。曾在美国微软领导Bing广告相关度算法的研发,其主持开发的RC2算法平台至今仍被微软众多算法团队所采用。离开广告部门后,先后主管了Bing餐饮搜索业务,本地搜索在法国、意大利的业务,以及地图搜索业务。OneClick.ai是全球第一家自动化的深度学习平台。通过改进的神经网络结构搜索算法,实现了自动化的特征工程和复杂神经网络模型的自动设计、训练、部署。OneClick.ai平台将人工智能项目的实施周期从数月压缩至几天时间,为人工智能在企业快速落地作出重要贡献,其口号是Use AI to Build AI (“让机器自己去学习”)。