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复旦金融论坛第65期暨复旦资产评估研究中心讲座第16期:The Influence of Information Settings on Preference and Behavior...

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演讲嘉宾:Zhang Yingchao,PhD Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna

题目:The Influence of Information Settings on Preference and Behavior: Micro-Economic Evidence From Markets, Firms and Individuals

演讲嘉宾介绍:Dr. Zhang is an Assistant Professor in the research group of Organization, Personnel and International Management, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, University of Vienna. Her research areas range from Personnel Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovations, Corporate Governance (especially Chinese Public Company), Gender Pay Equality, Women Leaders and CEOs to Social Preference. She is primarily interested in studying pay for performance scheme, gender pay equality, especially with regard to social preferences. She conducted several studies and experiments to characterize the influence of information settings on preference and behavior, and there are Micro-Economics evidence from markets, firms and individuals.

主办方:复旦大学金融研究院 复旦大学资产评估研究中心

主持人:杨青 教授 复旦大学资产评估研究中心主任

点评人:徐明东 副教授

时间: 2016年9月9日13:30-15:00

地点: 复旦大学经济学院714会议室