Company Visits


Class-time will be integrated with 3 field trips to 3 different cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou and Yiwu) including company visits and accompanying cultural experiences.

Company visits to a state-owned enterprise, a private sector and an international trading market will provide students with opportunities to closely observe how various business organizations grasp market opportunities in China and subsequently grow to be internationally competitive.

$$$: The costs of company visits are included in the tuition fee so that there will be no extra charge on these.

1. Visit to an International Trading Center@Yiwu

New in 2020!

China Commodity City 义乌国际商贸城

[About the trade market] (website)

Rated as “The World Largest Trade Market of General Merchandise” by UN, World Bank & Morgan Stanley, the commodity trade market integrates:

  1) Modernization: traditional trade → modern business mode which is mainly of commodity exhibition, negotiation, order fulfillment and E-commerce.

  2) Internationalization: 60%+ export rate of commodities; 95%+ of the booths accept foreign trade business; exported to 200+ countries and regions.

  3) Digitalization: 13,000+ broadband interfaces in the market that enable every booth to realize online business and consult information on the net.

[About the visit]

√ Lecture linked: The Internationalization of Yiwu Trading Market

2. Visit to a Private Sector@Hangzhou

Wahaha 娃哈哈

[About the company] (website)

-Founded in 1987 by  Mr. Zong Qing Hou

-A large food and beverage corporation with capacities of R&D, manufacturing, and sales as a whole.

-In terms of output, Wahaha is currently the largest beverage enterprise in China.

[About the visit]

√ Lecture linked: FDI, MNEs in China & Local Firm's Survival Strategy

√ Highlight: Studens can visit the production line and have a bottle of Wahaha's product


3. Visit to a State-owned Enterprise @Shanghai


    BAO STEEL  宝钢

[About the company] (website)

-Set up in 1978 and has arisen since China’s reform and opening up

-A state-owned manufacturing company of integrated iron and steel with export to 40+ countries and regions; Global 500 in Fortune

[About the visit]

√ Lecture linked: Reforming SOEs & How SOEs successfully grow: opportunities and challenges