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2020 Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society is open for application

Quick Overview

• Duration: July 13-24, 2020

• Venue: School of Economics, Fudan University (No.600 Guoquan Road, 200433, Shanghai, China)

• Credits & Certificate: the applicant can earn 3 Fudan Credits (54 class hours; 6-7.5 ECTs) with official transcript and program certificate issued by Fudan upon successful completion.

• Website: view (here)Course Syllabus: download (here) 

• Application deadline: June 14, 2020 (however we strongly suggest applicants apply as early as possible, especially international applicants who need to secure enough time for visa issuance)


• Eligibility:

1) Open to applicants with both Chinese (inc. HK/TW/MO) and foreign passports;

2) Open to applicants of ALL academic backgrounds;

3) Applicants should be above 18 years of age with adequate English proficiency;

4) Qualified high school students or professionals are also accepted.



Ms. Yvonne XU

Tel: + 86 (21) 5566-5631







Why This Program?

As China is one of the leading political and economic powers in the contemporary world, to know more about China has become a core curriculum for anyone who aims to be a future global leader. The Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society is a 2-week international summer program hosted by the School of Economics, Fudan University in every July since 2016. The program is conducted in English and is tailored for applicants of ALL academic backgrounds who wish to acquire a deep and comprehensive knowledge of China within a short period, especially in the fields of China's economy, finance, business, society and culture.


In 2019, we received students from 13 countries and 34 institutions, including world top universities like Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, The University of Hong Kong, The University of Manchester, Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The Univeristy of Queensland, University of British Columbia, to name a few.


The program's 2020 session is open for application and will be held during July 13-24 in Shanghai!




In this immersive program, applicants can expect:

1. Experience at a renowned institution: Fudan University (world #40, mainland China #3 - QS 2020)

2. Fudan official transcript with 3 Fudan credits (6-7.5 ECTS) and program certificate upon successful completion

3. 12 x 3 hours of insightful lectures by LEADING scholars in their respective fields to form a holistic picture of the Chinese economy and society

4. 3 in-depth company visits to learn from a real business environment (a state-owned enterprise/a private enterprise/an international trade market)

5. 3 field trips and rich activities to obtain a better understanding of Chinese culture (Shanghai/Hangzhou/Yiwu)

6. Global network with classmates of diverse backgrounds from all over the world



 (program video for quick view, click here)


 Course Details  

54 class hours in total

1. Lectures

Class Hour



Module 1: Overview of Chinese Economy and Finance


Overview of Contemporary Chinese Economy

Prof. Jun ZHANG


A History of Chinese Economy

Prof. Debin MA


The Rise of Asia and Mid-term Growth of the Chinese Economy

Prof. Guanghua WAN


Development of Chinese Financial System and Policies

Prof. Chun-Yu Ho

Module 2: Challenges and Reforms in Chinese Economy and Business


The Middle-income Trap:

Hardware, Software and Power Supply Failures

Prof. Wing Thye Woo


Reforming State-owned Enterprises (SOEs)

& How SOEs Successfully Grow

Prof. Yu LIU


FDI, MNEs in China and Local Firm's Survival Strategy

Prof. Chenghua TZENG


China-US Trade War

Prof. Wing Thye Woo


One Belt One Road: Dream or Nightmare

Prof. Yiqing XIE

Module 3: Challenges and Reforms in Chinese Society


Unbalanced Regional Development in China

Prof. Dan LI


China's Population Dynamics and Future Challenges

Prof. Xizhe PENG


China's Legal Environment and IPR Protection

Prof. Jun WANG

*The remaining 4 class hours will be:

1) 2 class hours - Lecture about the internationalization of Yiwu trading market (in Yiwu field trip)

2) 2 class hours– Final Exam


2. Field Trips





Company Visit I

State-owned enterprise (Bao Steel)

Culture Experience I

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower; Shanghai History Museum


Company Visit II

Yiwu International Trading Market, including 1 lecture

Culture Experience II

Entrepreneurship (how to do business) in Yiwu


Company Visit III

Private enterprise (Wahaha)

Culture Experience III

Song Cheng Ancient Town (will be able to try Hanfu)

Program Agenda




1. The schedule is subject to change.

2. The field trips and activities are optional.


Selected Speakers






Application Fee

CNY 400



CNY 16,180

(or CNY 14, 562)

1. Self-paying students from Fudan's partners will get a 10% tuition discount if officially nominated by school coordinators.


2. The tuition covers all the cost of lectures, course materials, field trips (inc. accommodation if stay overnight, transportations, lunch, company visits, cultural events), evening activities, lunch on lecture days and tea break. Students only need to pay for the round-trip flights and accommodation in Shanghai.



About the Application

Application deadline: June 14, 2020 (however we strongly suggest applicants apply as early as possible, especially international applicants who need to secure enough time for visa issuance)

Application process

1. Log onto program website ( and apply through different portal per passport nationality (For self-paying applicants with foreign passports, the program code is 981528)

2. Submit online application

3. Pay online application fee

4. Wait for review and application result

5. If admitted, applicants will receive an admission letter through mail (applicants with foreign passports will receive an admission package in hardcopy to apply for visa)

6. Pay tuition before the deadline

7. Application completed


Application Materials

1. One copy of passport (personal information page – passport must be valid for your entire stay in China), or one copy of Chinese ID card of both sides.

2. Documents showing study status, such as graduation certificate, copy of student card, school enrollment certificate.

3. Transcripts of academic records. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be translated and notarized.

4. Proof of English proficiency (e.g. transcript of TOEFL, IELTS), native English-speakers or students taking an English-taught program are exempted from this requirement.

If necessary, the program team will require applicants to submit extra materials.



  Fudan Yanyuan Hotel复旦燕园宾馆

Description: A three-star hotel located near Wujiaochang Commercial Area with convenient transport. 1.4 km (20-minute walk) to the School of Economics, Fudan University

Address: 270 Zhengtong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

School Rate: CNY175/night *13 nights = CNY 2,275 (check in on July 12th and check out before the noon of July 25th). Two applicants share one double room. Applicants who need to extend the accommodation period please check with the hotel for the availability. Kindly note the number of reserved rooms is limited, and it will be sold on a First Come First Served basis.


 Other accommodation options

Applicants who do not want to stay in Fudan Yanyuan Hotel please arrange the accommodation by themselves. More accommodation options can be found on the program website.