Endorsements-EMA at Fudan

International Students at Fudan

Angela Zhou(周薇)/ Italy

Hello! My name is Angela Zhou and I come from Italy. I'm a double-degree graduate student in my last year at the EMA (English Master's) program at the School of Economics.

My choice to study at Fudan University represents the confluence of my academic aspirations and personal interests. It is here that I can seamlessly merge my background in marketing management with a deepening understanding of the Chinese economy, all while staying connected to my cultural heritage. Fudan's world-class faculty, diverse student body, and its position at the crossroads of East and West make it the ideal platform for me to gain the knowledge and experiences I seek to shape my future endeavors in the field of international business. I eagerly anticipate the intellectual challenges and personal growth that await me at Fudan. I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter of my academic journey.

Napat Buthsuwan(韩胜宇)/ Thailand

Hello! I'm Napat Buthsuwan 韩胜宇. I'm half Thai-Chinese and currently a full-time master's student majoring in International Business, specializing in the Chinese Economy. Aside from Fudan University's academic reputation, the diverse and exceptional colleagues and professors I'm surrounded by were another reason I chose to study here. The courses offered are varied and practical, including company visits to companies like Tesla and Starbucks, among others. I'm genuinely grateful to be a student at Fudan and hope that many others can experience the same in the future.

Sophie Fornerod(海灵)/ Switzerland

你好, my name is 海灵, Sophie Fornerod, and I come from Switzerland. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Business specializing in Chinese Economy. Fudan's School of Economics (SOE) is renowned for its academic excellence and its exceptional preparation of students for their future careers. SOE's rigorous courses foster critical thinking and the acquisition of essential skills that will undoubtedly benefit my future endeavors. I am eagerly anticipating continuing my Master's program alongside bright and ambitious peers, engaging in lively discussions, and pursuing exciting internship opportunities that will prepare me for a seamless transition into the professional world. Embarking on this academic journey at Fudan University is an immense honor, and I am whole-heartedly committed to seizing these opportunities to contribute effectively to the world of global business.

Peter Joerg Uhlig / Germany

Studying in China was an eye-opening experience that broadened my perspective. Being immersed in diverse cultures helped me appreciate the interconnectedness of our global community. Interacting with people from different backgrounds taught me important lessons in understanding, empathy, and respect. It was an incredible journey of personal growth, reminding me of the value in embracing diverse viewpoints. Thank you!

Daniela A. Maquera Sardon / Columbia

These two years have been filled with vast learning, challenging yet rewarding academic work, and rich insights about China's and the world's economy. My time as an SOE master's student pushed me outside of my comfort zone, allowing for massive growth. I will carry with me the deep tights I built with young professionals all over the world! Despite the initial impediments to come to China, I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy my last semester in person and immerse myself in the country. Thank you to everyone who made the program possible. May we cross paths again in the future!

Katy Xin Rui Zheng / United Kingdom

I feel privileged to have shared this journey with my fellow classmates. Let's cherish the happy memories and the valuable lessons learned, and utilize them to pave the path for a bright and successful future.

Leonardo Bet / Italy

I feel extremely glad to be graduating from such a prestigious university and school. My two years in Fudan have been one of a kind, from struggling to understanding econometrics, to enjoying using STATA. I have enjoyed my time here since I learned so much about the Chinese economy and the country's unique financial system. I hope in the future I will be able to come back to cherish my past memories in such beautiful campuses and academic environments.