About EMA-EMA at Fudan
What is EMA in SOE at Fudan?


Launched in 2007 and 2012 respectively, the EMA Chinese Economy Program and the EMA Finance Program are English-taught full-time master’s degree programs designed for international students who wish to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of China in the fields of economics, finance, business, and national policies.  In the fall semester of 2022, the EMA programs were transformed into professional master’s degree programs, which are, Master of Finance (MF) and Master of International Business (MIB). These two newly introduced programs focus on practical skills and hands-on learning experiences, aiming to better prepare students for entering the work field after graduation.

Supported by SOE’s well-established discipline of economics, its strong education and research background, and its excellent academic atmosphere, these two programs provide the students with a solid platform to study a wide range of courses related to Chinese economy and finance. 

We will offer featured courses such as Chinese Economy, Financial Institutions and Markets, Development Economics, International Finance, Money and Banking, Corporate Finance Theory and Practice, Venture Capital & IPO & Merger & Acquisition, Enterprise Internationalization, International Trade Theory and Practice, Theory and Practice of Financial Derivative. Furthermore, students are required to complete a 3 months internship in the field of business or finance, enabling them to gain relevant work experience within the Chinese market environment. Upon graduation, students leave Fudan not only with a professional master’s degree but also the potential for a successful career in China or at home.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about what our EMA programs, the thriving academic atmosphere at Fudan University, and the stunning, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai can offer to you.


Degree Program (from 2022/23 onwards): International Business (specialized in Chinese Economy)

Duration: 2 years, full-time

Course requirement: 32 credits

Professional practice (internship): 4 credits

MA thesis: written and defended in English

Degree: Master of International Business


Degree Program (from 2022/23 onwards): Finance

Duration: 2 years, full-time

Course requirement: 35 credits

Professional practice (internship): 4 credits

MA thesis: written and defended in English

Degree: Master of Finance


Non-degree Program (visiting student) in Finance/International Business

            Duration: one semester or above

            Course requirement: a minimum of 6 credits per semester

            To receive: official transcript, study completion certificate

            To apply: see www.econ.fudan.edu.cn/ema/Admissions/Non_degree/Application1.htm


Q: What is the benefit of a professional master’s degree program compared to the previous master’s degree program?

A: The professional master’s degree program focuses on the development of practical skills and hands-on learning experiences. Therefore, students have to complete a 3 months internship in the field of business or finance. The courses of the EMA programs involve frequent in-class discussions and group work centering around solving real-life problems, preparing graduates to tackle the challenges they will face in their careers effectively.

Q: Is there a restriction regarding the field of the internship (Business, Finance, etc.)?

A: The internship should be completed in the field of business or finance, depending on the student’s master’s degree program.

Q: When should the internship be completed?

A: The internship should be completed 1 month before the graduation.

Q: How many months does the internship have to be?

A: The internship should be at least three months long.  

Q: Can the internship also be completed during the break?

A: Yes, the internship can be completed during the break.  

Q: Can the internship also be completed outside of China, in my home country?

A: The internship can be completed outside of China, for example in the student’s home country, as long as it fulfills the requirements.

Q: What is the best way to find an internship?

A: SOE recommends that students connect to their embassies or the chambers of commerce. These institutions have a broad network consisting of many international companies in need of interns. Furthermore, students can reach out to the SOE career center.

Q: Do I need to apply for an internship extension on my visa?

A: Yes, to do an internship in China it is necessary to apply for an internship extension on your visa. The international student office of Fudan University will support you with this process. Please refer to their website for more information: https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/isoenglish/main.htm

Q: When will the course selection start?

A: The course selection will start approximately one week before the start of the semester and will last for two weeks (week 0 - week 3). SOE will inform students of the specific date and time beforehand. It is advised that students sign up for their courses quickly, to avoid the courses being full.

Q: I am not sure which courses to choose. Is it possible to try our courses before choosing?

A: Yes, students have the opportunity to try out different courses for the first two weeks of the semester. After that period students need to finalize their course selection. This approach allows students to choose the courses that fit their abilities and interests the best.

Q: Are study programs taught in Chinese or English?

A: The EMA programs are entirely English-taught.

Q: Which levels of Chinese language courses (mandatory courses) are offered?

A: The Chinese language courses are offered in four levels ranging from Basic I to Intermediate II. Students can choose based on their Chinese language ability. The levels can be translated into the following HSK levels:

  • Basic Chinese I – No foundation

  • Basic Chinese II – HSK 1

  • Intermediate Chinese I – HSK 4a

  • Intermediate Chinese II- HSK 4b

Q: Are international students taught together with Chinese students?

A: The EMA programs are not open for Chinese students to enroll. However, there will be opportunities provided by SOE to connect to Chinese students such as the Language Program or the Moon Festival Activity.

Q: I have questions regarding my visa and housing, where do I find the information?

A: Please refer to the website of the International Student Office of Fudan for more information: https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/isoenglish/main.htm