About EMA-EMA at Fudan
What is EMA in SOE at Fudan?

Launched in 2007 and 2012 respectively, the EMA Chinese Economy Program and EMA Finance Program are English-taught master’s degree programs designed for international students who wish to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of China in the fields of economics, finance, business and national policies. Supported by SOE’s well-established discipline of economics, its strong education and research background, and its excellent academic atmosphere, these two programs provide the students with a solid platform to study a wide range of courses related to Chinese economy and finance. Upon graduation, students leave Fudan not only with a master’s degree, but also the potential for a successful career in China or at home.

At present, we offer general courses such as Macro- and Micro-Economics, Econometrics, Time Series, Development Economics, International Finance and Corporate Finance as well as, customized courses such as Chinese Economy, Doing Business in China, China’s Taxation System and Fiscal Policy, Chinese Foreign Trade, Industrial Policy of China, World Economy and China, China’s Financial System, Capital Markets in China, Social Security System and Its Reform in China, Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economics, Public Management in China, Urbanization in China, New Political Economics in China, etc. Students also have the opportunity to take short-term courses that are taught by esteemed scholars from all over the world.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about what our EMA programs, the thriving academic atmosphere at Fudan University, and the stunning, cosmopolitan city of Shanghai can offer to you.

Degree Programs

- Major 1: World Economy (Globalization and Chinese Economy)

- Major 2: Finance

- Duration: two years, full-time

- Course Credits: 34 minimum

- MA Thesis: written and defended in English

Non-Degree Program (open application all year round)

- Duration: one semester or above

- To maintain student status: a minimum of 6 course credits per semester

- To receive: official transcript, certificate