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Alumnus donates 20 million yuan to Fudan

On the morning of June 16, the signing ceremony of KINGPOINT Investment & Consulting’s donation agreement was held at the School of Economics. Over 150 people attended, including Prof. Zhu Zhiwen, Chancellor of Fudan University, Prof. Xu Zheng, Vice President of Fudan, Prof. Feng Xiaoyuan, Vice President of Fudan, Prof. Lin Shangli, Vice President of Fudan, Mr. Xue Zhongxing, alumnus of SOE and founder and Chairman of KINGPOINT, Prof. Zhang Jun, Dean of SOE, Prof. Shi Lei, CPC Party Secretary of SOE, KINGPOINT’s guests and employees, and faculty members and students of SOE.

KINGPOINT’s donation of 20 million yuan to Fudan will be used to facilitate SOE’s development. Prof. Lin Shangli thanked Mr. Xue on behalf of the university and pointed out that the support of the alumni has been indispensable to Fudan’s growth over the 110 years. In his speech Mr. Xue looked back at KINGPOINT’s history and expressed his gratitude to Fudan for his personal success as well as the company’s. Prof. Zhang Jun also thanked Mr. Xue for the donation, and said that the donated funds will be used to further improve SOE’s education and research, especially research on innovation capital.