Student Activities
EMA Field Trip to SSE on 17th, April, 2015
Apr 24 2015,12 AM

        On 17th, Apr 2015, a field trip was organized for EMA students to Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). They were here to learn more about Chinese stock market. The SSE was founded on Nov. 26th, 1990 and in operation on Dec.19th the same year. The SSE bases its development on the principle of 'legislation, supervision, self-regulation and standardization' to create a transparent, open, safe and efficient marketplace.
        The staff from SSE gave a warm welcome at the students’ arrival. The staff led EMA students through the fifth trading floor and gave a professional introduction to Chinese stock market, trading system, trading members and trading rules, etc. What’s more, the program of 'Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchanges Connectivity” was explained to the EMA students. The students showed great interests in this mechanism and they realized that the move is an important breakthrough in the opening-up of the capital market in China’s Mainland and the progress of RMB’s internationalization. Finally, EMA students raised plenty of questions regarding to stock trading details in China. After the question and answering, all the foreign students will memorize the precious time and useful knowledge.