Student Activities
EMA Field Trip on 19th, November 2013
Nov 25 2013,12 AM

On 19th, November 2013, a field trip was organized for EMA students. The students visited Shanghai General Motors Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Museum and thought it's a wonderful experience.     

Lisa Liu, First-year student, EMA Finance Program, USA

I really enjoyed the field trip to GM and the Shanghai museum on Tuesday! Being able to see the assembly process at GM helped me better understand the intricacies of production, and the robots used were very fascinating. All the different exhibits of Chinese art and history in the museum was a valuable learning experience for me too – I know a bit of Chinese history, so I liked having the opportunity to apply what I learned to the pieces of art I saw. I especially liked looking at the literati paintings and collection of currency at the museum. The evolution of currency throughout the ages made me really appreciate the monetary system we have today; it’s so much more convenient!

Alemu Melese Birhanu, First-year student, EMA Finance Program,
Thank you for asking me about GM and the museum field trip and it was a pleased moment and good experience, and it was my first time for me to see such a big manufacturing company. Specially, a car     manufacturing.
As you know our field of study focus a lot on Chinese economy and we know that China has experienced a very rapid development through various sectors but specially manufacturing is considered as a wheel and for its development and even they call it 'manufacturing driven development “ so this visit helped me to prove it. Besides, it is one way of learning to associate theories with practices.
After visiting, I was expected to have Q/A session by higher managers of the GM. Because as economics and personally as a finance student we want to know the economic contribution of GM to the GDP and its share in industrial sector? How many cars will be produced per day? How many workers GM has? Since GM is located in special free trade zone how GM would be benefited from this opening? Personally, I was thinking such a like questions to be answered and I was curious to hear that. Actually, still I can google it ...but I'll keep it for some other time.
Regarding the museum it was also amazing I wonder how Chinese have keep tracking and reserve art works and culture, and I'm also happy to see various historical heritage of china.
Finally, I would like to say keep it up!
Ravish Kumar Ravi, First-year student, EMA Chinese Economy Program, India  
  It was a great learning at both of the places we visited.
At General Motors we came to know about manufacturing industry in china and quality of their working. We saw how efficiently employees are working there and managing the raw materials and giving the shape of a finished good in term of good quality cars.
At Shanghai Museum we learned about Chinese history of all the dynasty. We also enjoyed the ancient Chinese art over there. The museum has collection of over 120,000 pieces including Bronze, Ceramics etc...
We would like to Thank You and all EMA program team to arrange such a wonderful trip and expecting more informative field trips in the coming semesters of our EMA program.