Student Activities
Long live the friendship between Chinese and Japanese students
Nov 04 2013,12 AM
On the evening of Oct.31, 2013, 1   st year Chinese master students of 3-year programs at the school had a get-together dinner party with some Japanese students at a Japanese restaurant called Peach House.  
The party started at 5:00 pm. At first the students felt a little reserved, but as they introduced themselves and communicated with each other, however, the atmosphere soon became warm and cheerful. The Chinese students were all from the School of Economics while the Japanese students came from the School of Economics, the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, the College of Foreign Languages and Literature and other schools at Fudan. They discussed Japanese comics, TV series and culture. The party reached the climax in the second half when the students began to play the number’s game. Those who lost had to come up with a performance. As a result, Seiya Yamaoka performed Karate. Li Wenxin and Qi Danna performed a dance called Doraemon. Li Shiyan, organizer of the party, sang the song ”Until The End of the World”, the theme music of “Slam Dunk”. Many other students also took part in the performance. The cheerful party didn’t end until 8 o’clock. Thanks to the party, the students got to know each other and they were all looking forward to the next party.


As is known to all, there have been many disputes between China and Japan in history, nevertheless the barriers from the politics and the economy cannot hinder the friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people.