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SOE Fudan hosted the Global Economics Consortium Meeting

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Global Economics Consortium

On March 6th Monday, School of Economics Fudan University (SOE Fudan) hosted the Global Economics Consortium meeting. 


Prof. Jun Zhang, Dean of SOE Fudan, Prof. Dan Li, Assistant Dean and International Programs Director of SOE Fudan, Prof. Christopher Gerry, Prof. Sergei Kadochnikov and Prof. Maxim Khomyakov from HSE University, Prof. Chia Ngee Choon from National University of Singapore as well as Prof. Jan Kubik from University College London attended the full-day meeting. The four institutions meet to explore the potential collaborations among the consortium members.

The day started with short introduction from each university. Partners aimed to offer an intellectually distinctive program that is clearly distinguishable from 'standard' exchange based programs.

The remainder of the meeting was split into 3 main blocks covering: 
- the substantive content of the program;
- the practical implementation of the program;

- and the governance/finance of the consortium.