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“能源与环境经济学”系列讲座第27期:Australia’s Climate Change Policy Instruments

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题目:Australia’s Climate Change Policy Instruments
主讲:Frank Jotzo 副教授
简介: Australia relies heavily on coal for its energy system but also has huge potential for renewable energy. It is expected that there will be a post-2020 emissions target with a significant reduction in absolute emissions. Climate change policy has been a matter of political contention in Australia, with the two major parties disagreeing over policy instruments for emissions reductions. The previous (Labour) government implemented an emissions trading scheme with broad coverage and a fixed price. This was repealed by the present (Liberal/conservative) government, the first time in the world that a major carbon pricing scheme was abolished. The present government is implementing an "Emissions Reduction Fund", a system where government pays businesses for agreed projects to reduce emissions, similar to the Clean Development Mechanism. At the same time, there is a support policy for renewable energy, which provides payments through a portfolio standard and tradable renewable energy certificates. In this talk, I will give an evaluation of Australia’s climate policy instruments past and present, present empirical results on the impact of the carbon price on Australia’s electricity sector during its two-year lifespan, and give an outlook of possible future policy directions.
Frank Jotzo is Associate Professor at the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy, and Director of the Centre for Climate Economics & Policy. He works on the economics and policy of climate change, China’s climate change and energy policies, as well as on broader issues of development and economic reform. He has researched and published on these topics since the late 1990s, focusing on Australia and countries of the Asia-Pacific. Frank has advised governments and consulted for international organizations, and has made contributions to the scientific literature and policy development especially on carbon pricing and emissions trading. He has been a senior advisor to the Garnaut Climate Change Review commissioned by the Australian government, and a lead author of the Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Dr Jotzo directs the graduate teaching program on Resources, Environment and Development at ANU Crawford School.
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