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“能源与环境经济学”系列讲座第26期:EU-ETS (2005-2015): Lessons from a Decennial Experience

  发布日期:2015-05-04  浏览次数:
题  目:EU-ETS (2005-2015): Lessons from a Decennial Experience

主  讲:Christian de Perthuis(巴黎第九大学经济学教授、法国研究平台Climate Economics Chair主席)

简介: The carbon emission trading scheme has been launched in Europe in January 2005. It is a cornerstone of the European Union’s policy to combat climate change and its key tool for reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively. Covering the CO2 emissions from industry and energy sectors, the EU-ETS is the largest cap and trade system in the world. What lessons can we draw from a decennial experience in terms of carbon pricing? This presentation will be based on the book Carbon Pricing, published by Cambridge University Press, as well as several recent papers published by the Climate Economics Chair, especially Governance of CO2 Markets: Lessons from the EU-ETS (2014).   

Christian de Perthuis is Professor of Economics at Paris-Dauphine University and Head of the Climate Economics Chair. He led French research and forecasting institutes and headed the “Mission Climat” of Caisse des Dépots between 2004 and 2008. His research focuses on the economics of climate change and ecological transition. His books include Pricing Carbon: The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Economic Choices in a Warming World (Cambridge University Press, 2011), and Green Capital (Columbia University Press, 2015). He chaired the Green Tax Commission, which helped the French Government to set up a domestic carbon tax in 2014. He will speak in the policy session on emissions trading in China, EU and US at the 2015 EAERE conference, which is co-organize by Frank Convery, Honorary EAERE President and ZhongXiang Zhang, Distinguished University Professor from Fudan University.

主  持:张中祥(复旦大学经济学院“千人计划”特聘教授、国家科技重大专项实施影响评估专家组组长)

时  间:2015年5月8日13:30-15:00

地  点:复旦大学经济学院514会议室

主  办:复旦大学公共经济学系