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复旦经济论坛411期: Talent Analytics: From Rule of Thumb to Data Science

  发布日期:2019-10-19  浏览次数:

主题:Talent Analytics: From Rule of Thumb to Data Science


时间:2019年10月21日 10:30-11:30


嘉宾简介:熊辉教授现为美国罗格斯-新泽西州立大学终身正教授、RBS院长讲席教授;目前学术休假担任百度商业智能实验室和百度人才智库主任。熊辉教授主要研究领域涵盖数据挖掘、商业智能、以及管理大数据。他获得的部分荣誉包括ACM杰出科学家、中国教育部长江讲座教授、中国国家基金委海外杰青B类(海外及港澳学者合作研究基金)、哈佛商业评论2018年“拉姆.查兰管理实践奖”-全场大奖、2017 IEEE ICDM Outstanding Service Award、和ICDM-2011最佳研究论文奖。熊辉教授是Encyclopedia of GIS(Springer)的共同主编,IEEE Transactions on Big Data (TBD)、 ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) 和 ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems (TMIS)的编委。

Abstract: The big data trend has made its way to talent management. Indeed, the availability of large-scale human resources (HR) data provide unparalleled opportunities for business leaders to understand talent behaviors and generate useful talent knowledge, which in turn deliver intelligence for real-time decision making and effective people management at work.In this talk, weintroducethe powerful set ofinnovative big data techniques developed forintelligenthuman resource management,such as recruiting, performance evaluation, talent retention, talent development, job matching, team management, leadership development, and organization culture analysis.In addition, we will alsodemonstrate how the results of talent analytics can be used forother business applications, such as market trend analysis andfinancial investment.