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2nd Fudan-Ulm Symposium on Insurance and Finance held at Fudan

The second Fudan-Ulm Symposium on Insurance and Finance was held at Fudan University on September 18th, 2014. Prof. Yuan Zhigang, Dean of the School of Economics at Fudan University, stressed that in the context of globalization, insurance and finance education at Fudan must keep pace with the times. The University of Ulm has rich experience in insurance theory and application of insurance. The close cooperation between Fudan and Ulm promotes the personnel exchanges, research innovation and discipline development in both universities.        


    During the two-day symposium, over 20 faculty members and students from Fudan and Ulm presented their latest research findings on a wide range of topics. The 11 reports included: Economic Analysis of Bearing Longevity Risks”, “Optimal consumption and investment decisions under time varying risk attitudes”, “Are Credit Default Swaps Redundant?”, “Financial Incentives and Loan Officer Behavior”, “Social Security under European Debt Crisis: Performance, Causes and Perspective”, “Guarantees in Indexed Annuity Plans”, “The Alumni Network and its Impacts on the Performance of Funds”, “Predatory Short Sales and Bailouts”, “Reinsurance and Insurer Performance: Domicile, Affiliation, and Authorization Effects”, “Analysis of the Going Concern Reserve under Solvency ”, and “Earthquake disasters, marriage, and divorce: Evidence from China 2000-2011”.




The academic support has been indispensable to the development of China's insurance industry. The Fudan-Ulm Symposium on Insurance and Finance not only helps to accelerate the development of insurance discipline, but also further promotes the internationalization of academic research on Chinese insurance industry.