You do not need to apply again but should contact the International Students Office of Fudan University to explain the situation. And they will help you to get new documents.
You can pay tuition online on You can register only after you pay your tuition. If you fail to pay tuition before the registration deadline, and you get permission from the ISO that you can pay later, you will need to pay a late registration fee of 5% of tuition for one semester.
Please visit and apply through E-application. The program code for master-level English-taught program is 593413. By entering 593413 you will find it is a Chinese program that allows you to take courses in English. Please don't worry about it as there is no English undergraduate program for either non-degree students or degree students at the school. You will be able to take all your undergraduate courses in English here, despite the name of the program.

But please note that usually the system opens several weeks after each semester starts. After you complete online application, the ISO and our school will review it. If you are accepted, the ISO will issue the admission documents, in mid June or mid December.
The native ID does not refer to your passport. You can use a copy of your residence card, social security card, or driver's license for that. The certificate of your registration status is simply a certificate of your student status.
If you want to stay at the Foreign Students Dormitory on campus, you will need to book a room online at The date when the booking starts will be posted on the website of the ISO, usually during the summer vacation/winter vacation. Before booking please read carefully the Introduction to the Foreign Students Dormitory and the Accommodation Regulations on the ISO website.

Further directions: 
  • To book a dorm room a general advanced student will need to input his/her Student Number, and a senior advanced student will need to input his/her application number which starts with a letter c and can be found in the admission notice. 

  • When you book a room, you should choose a check-in date. Your room will be kept for you for three days from this check-in date. If you fail to check in on time, your reservation will be cancelled. After you book online, you will receive an email telling you whether the reservation is successful and how to proceed with payment. 

  • Students living in the dorm are not allowed to check out or change for another room within the semester. 

  • After your reservation, if you choose not to live in our dorm, there will be a fine of RMB 800. Please think carefully before you book a room. 

  • If you need assistance with your booking, please contact:
    Tel: 86-21-65643407 / 86-21-65643413
    Fax: 86-21-55076831

  • The Reception Desk of the Fudan Foreign Students Dormitory is open 24 hours a day. You can check in any time after you arrive. Tel: 86-21-65643407.

After the admission documents are issued by the ISO, Fudan University's Undergraduate Education Office will issue the student numbers of all incoming general advanced students. About three weeks before the registration date a general advanced student can get his/her student number here: 
As the number of dorm rooms are limited and they may run out very quickly, you are advised to directly call the phone number indicated on the ISO website to solve your problem. We won't be able to do it as the dorm buildings and the booking system are not run by us.
The Drom’s address is 57 Wudong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai.
From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the Dorm:
  • Taxi will cost around RMB 180 before 22:00 and RMB 230 after 22:00. The ride is about 50 minutes.

  • Option 2: From 6:30-23:00 you can take Airport Express Line 4, get off at Wujiaochang Station (RMB 20), and then take a taxi to the destination (around RMB 14). It will take about one hour.

  • Option 3: You can first take the Maglev Train at the airport, get off at Longyang Road (around RMB 40 with your plane ticket, 6:45-21:40) and then take a taxi (around RMB 60-80).

  • Option 4: Take Metro Line 2 at Pudong Airport, change to Metro Line 10 at East Nanjing Rd. Station, and get off at Jiangwan Stadium Station. The fare is RMB 7. Then take a taxi to get to the Dorm (around RMB 14). Please note that for Line 2 the metro trains operate during 6:30-21:00 and Line 10 trains heading from East Nanjing Rd. towards Jiangwan Stadium operate between 6:45-22:00.

From Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to the Dorm:
  • A taxi ride will cost around RMB 100 before 22:00 and RMB 130 after 22:00 and take about 40 minutes. Or you can take Metro Line 10 at the airport, get off at Jiangwan Stadium Station (RMB 6), and then take a taxi (around RMB 14). The first train arrives at the airport at about 6 am and the last one at about 10 pm.

For information about transportation in Shanghai, please visit this page of Fudan University FAO's website:
6 credits per semester is our minimum requirement, but there is no upper limit. For courses offered by other schools or departments, the upper limit is 1 course per semester. But this does not apply to undergraduate courses a general advanced student enrolls in online.
Yes. The enrollment system will close by the end of the second week of the new semester. Upon registration an undergraduate student will be given the list of master-level courses he/she can take. Please make sure that both the master-level courses and the undergraduate courses you have enrolled in online are included in the course registration forms. The registration forms should be submitted by 5 pm Friday of the second week. An undergraduate non-degree student will receive two transcripts after completing the courses: one generated by the Fudan undergraduate course enrollment system, and the other prepared by our school listing your grades of the courses not covered by the system, i.e. master-level courses.
Master students will get only one transcript.
Non-degree students can take the first two weeks to sit on courses to make up their mind.

Undergraduate non-degree students enroll in Fudan's undergraduate courses online with their student number at There you can find courses offered by our school and other departments of Fudan. But we suggest the following two forms for non-degree students be filled in in addition to online enrollment if you take mater courses as well:

1) Download Course Registration Form for Non-Degree Students at

2) For a master course from other departments, download Registration Form to Select Another Department's Courses for Non-Degree Students at 

3) Fill in and submit the forms with your signature to Room 408, School of Economics before the deadline, that is, 5 pm Friday of the second week.


Master non-degree students enroll in courses online with their student number at 

The score of an undergraduate course is available five working days after the exam date and it can be found in the enrollment system. For the other courses an undergraduate student takes, such as the master-level courses, the transcript will be provided around the end of the second week of the following semester. Master students will get their transcripts around the end of the second week of the following semester.

At Fudan, students get A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, and F. F is failure. 
After the admission documents are issued by the ISO, Fudan University's Undergraduate Education Office will issue the student numbers of all incoming undergraduate non-degree students. About three weeks before the registration date an undergraduate non-degree student can get his/her student number here:  For master students, the student number is the application number that starts with a C, which can be found in the admission.
If you are an undergraduate student, you may find this link useful:, which provides a list of English-taught undergraduate courses offered by Fudan University and the syllabi. If a syllabus is outdated please ask the professor for it during the first lecture. If the professor uses Fudan's elearning system (, you are automatically included in the system and then you can assess the teaching materials.
If you need the syllabus of one of our school's English master courses that you can't find on our website please email us. 
If all of your courses and examinations are ended, we can issue a Certificate of the End of the Courses. You can apply for refund from the Foreign Students Dormitory with that.
Within the first two weeks after the registration day, if you want to quit your study, you will get a full refund of the tuition. If it is after the first two weeks, no refund will be provided. The amount of the refund will be calculated in RMB.
The transcript will be issued no later than the third week of the following semester. We will send it to you by email.
You can go to Room 107, Building 10, Handan Campus to cancel the card and get the remaining amount back.


H6509 stands for room 6509, located on the 5th floor of the 6th Lecturing Building on Handan Campus.

H(D): Handan Campus; 

F: Fenglin Campus, which is far from the main campus on Handan Road 

Z: Zhangjiang Campus, in Pudong 

J: Jiangwan Campus, near the main campus

G(H)D = east sub-tower of Guanghua Building;

G(H)X = west sub-tower of Guanghua Building;

HQ = Journalism School Classroom Building; 

Of course. To log in, please choose fduwireless and input your student number as the username. The password is the last 6 digits of your passport number.


Please follow the notice on the ISO website and take pictures in Room 107, Building 10. After paying RMB 20 you can get the e-campus card instantly. 


We can contact the library to open your account so that you can use the reference rooms.
Yes. The university buses connecting the Handan campus with the other three stop at the main entrance. Some lines are free and some charge around RMB 3 per trip. Please show your E-campus Card or your Student ID when getting on the school bus. You can find the timetables at the stops or online.
For information about hospitals foreign students may consider, please visit this page of Fudan FAO's website:
For banking information, please visit this page of Fudan University FAO's website:

Fall Semester of 2016

Jul. 18     Acquire student number on

Aug. 4-6     Use Admission Notice No. to book dorms on

Aug. 8     Use Admission Notice No. to lo on the Orientation System for Fudan email open-up and upload photos

Aug. 26     Dorm available

Aug. 29     Registration for Degree Students & Non-degree Students

Aug. 30-Sep.2     Introduction to Study and Life at Fudan and course registration

Sept. 2     Opening Ceremony for Graduate Students

Sept. 5     Classes start.

Sept. 16     Course registration forms due.
Sept. 15-17     Mid-autumn Festival Holiday

Oct. 1-7 National Day Holiday and Classes are not in session.
Dec. 26-Jan. 6 Final exams for courses in other programs

Jan. 8, 2016 Winter vacation starts.

Spring Semester of 2017
Classes start on                     Feb. 19, 2017
Summer vacation starts on            Jul. 1, 2017