How to apply
1. After your coordinator nominates you to our school please apply online at Fudan International Students Office’s website following the steps listed below. Please note that the ISO doesn't accept applications from holders of Chinese passport.

Visit, click Register, accept the registration agreement and fill in the registration information. You will receive an email which contains an activation link. Please click it to activate your account. 

Note: The activation email sometimes goes to your junk mailbox. Fudan's online application system is open from March 1 to May 1 for Fall semester exchange applications and from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1 for Spring semester exchange applications. Application system will be closed outside the specified time frame.
2. Choose 'Department-level Exchange'.
3. Choose your student category
Choose General Advanced Student if you are an undergraduate student. Choose Senior Advanced Student if you are a master student.

4.Choose 'School of Economics' for Enrollment division. Choose 'English' for Teaching Language. Click on 'search', and a list of available programs will be generated.
5. Click on “check majors” and you will be directed to type in a program code. (219140 for undergraduate students and 506314 for master students.)

6. Choose one major that you are interested in and click on 'Apply'. 

7. You will be directed to fill in an 'Application form for international students'.
(a) Upload your photo. Please make sure the photo you upload strictly conforms to the required format. Otherwise, you may not be able to submit the application.

(b) Fill in your personal information according to the instructions. A red notation indicates a required field.

(c) Choose “Pick up at home institution of exchange student” for the admission package, as we will mail the documents to your coordinator.

(d) For 'Educational background', click on 'Add' to fill out all your educational background since high school.

(e) Fill in 'Contact Person in China'. This should be your coordinator at our school.

(f) Click on “submit” after you make sure you don't want to make any changes. Click on “save drafts” if you want to save it and submit your application later.
8. After we get the information of all incoming exchange students, we will ask the International Students Office at Fudan to review the applications. If your application is successful, you will receive an email confirming the success of application. The visa and admission documents are usually issued in mid June or mid December, which will then be mailed to the coordinator of each partner institution.
Deadlines for application:
Spring semester: Nov. 1 of the previous year
Fall semester: May 1 of the same year
Please note these are deadlines by which application should be completed.