General Information
The School of Economics now has five undergraduate programs in economics, world economy and international trade, finance, insurance and public economics. In 2019 the school launched the English-taught undergraduate program in economics.
After completing one year s general education at Fudan, undergraduate students admitted under the broad category of Economics & Management can apply to become a student of the School of Economics and their majors will be determined according to their preferences and GPAs.
In 2005, the school launched a 2+2 double-degree undergraduate program in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Groningen. Currently the double-degree program offers 3 tracks:1. International Economics and Business Economics; 2. Economics; 3. Econometrics and Operations Research.
In October 2006, the school set up the track of mathematical economics in the undergraduate program of economics. Each year only 25 undergraduate students from the 5 majors can take this track, which aims to develop them into research-oriented talents through faculty supervision in conducting research, and much strengthened courses in economics and mathematics.
After completing four years undergraduate education at the school, about half of each graduating class usually start their careers at professional services providers such as accounting firms, banks, or other corporations and government agencies. The other half choose to further their education at home or abroad.