Fudan-LSE Double Degree Master Program


The unique two-year double master's degree in financial statistics (LSE) and Chinese economy (Fudan) enables students to study for one year at LSE in London - one of the global financial centres, and one year at Fudan University in Shanghai - one of the most vibrant hubs for economic and financial innovation and development in China and Asia.

The first year, which will be spent at LSE, will equip students with the cutting-edge statistical methods and data analytical skills for finance. It will give students a solid quantitative background for careers in the financial industry. The second year of the programme, at Fudan University, will equip students with the main tools of professional economists, and will apply the quantitative tools learned in the first year to solve practical problems for government, central banking, international organisations or private sector firms. There will be a strong focus on China and the Chinese Economy. 

The combined expertise in statistics and economics, the capability of understanding the fundamental principles as well as that of empirical analysis and extracting information from data, and the first hand experiences in both London and Shanghai will make graduates from this programme highly competitive for jobs in Europe, Asia and beyond.

Once you successfully complete your studies at both institutions, you will be conferred Master of Economics in Finance and MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics) by Fudan and LSE respectively.

For more detailed information abotu the program, please visit the program webiste


1. The name list of the Fudan students of Chinese nationality who took part in the second round of interview on Sep. 20th, 2018 for the enrollment of the Fall 2019 intake is as follows:

陆趣                   慎梓伟              童晓月              王慧婕              庄珺涵               张青园               鲁烁                 王铭羽  
谷嘉文               刘庭汐  

2. The result of the second round of interview for the enrollment of the Fall 2019 intake was released on Oct. 8th, 2018, which is as follows:

谷嘉文               陆趣               童晓月               王铭羽               慎梓伟