Fudan-Groningen Double Degree Master Program in Chinese Economy
`Fudan-Groningen Double Degree Master Program in Chinese Economy
In March 2012, School of Economics, Fudan University, and Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, agreed to further strengthen the existing strategic alliance by developing a Double Degree Master Program in Economics, specialization Chinese Economy.

As a two-year fulltime English-taught program, the program provides the students with one of the three programs at Groningen in the first year: MSc in International Economics and Business, MSc in Economics, and MSc in International Business and Management.

In their second year, students participate in the EMA Chinese Economy Program at Fudan.
On successful completion of the Program, students are awarded with an accredited MSC degree in one of the above three specialization fields by Groningen University, and a MA degree in Economics (Chinese Economy) by Fudan University.
The Program offers students the possibility to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the economies, economic policies, strategies, theories and practices of both Europe and China and a global perspective. The core contents of the program reflect the increasing globalization and evolution taking place in the field of economics. In addition, students have the opportunity to experience international student life in two different cultures with sufficient time spent in each environment to obtain a thorough understanding of both cultures, and to graduate after two years with two internationally recognized Master’s degrees from two outstanding, research-driven institutions in China and the Netherlands.

C urriculum SE-FU DDM in Chinese Economy :
Courses for Semester 3 (Fall semester, Fudan)
1.      Chinese Economy (compulsory, 3CC)
2.      Doing Business in China (compulsory, 3CC)
3.      China’s Taxation System and Fiscal Policy (compulsory, 3CC)
4.      One or two courses from the following list (optional, 2CC)
1)      Chinese Foreign Trade (2CC)
2)      Public Management in China (2CC)
3)      Industrial Policy of China (2CC)
4)      Social Security System and Its Reform in China (2CC)
5)     Jiang Xuemo Seminar Courses / Overseas Lecturers’ Short Courses (4 sessions, 1CC per session)
Courses for Semester 4 (Spring semester, Fudan)
1.      China’s Financial System (compulsory, 3CC)
2.      One or two courses from the following list (optional, each course has a workload of 2CC)
1)      Political Economy in East Asia
2)      World Economy and China
3)      Monographic Study on Chinese Finance
4)      Environmental and Energy Economics: Approaches and