Fudan-Groningen Double Degree Bachelor Program
The School of Economics, Fudan University and the Faculty of Economics and Business, Groningen are both among the most distinguished economics departments in the world. In 2005, the two institutes launched a double degree joint program in (International) Economics and Business Economics (E&BE). The program has proved a great success! It provides a solid academic education in economics and business, with specific focus on the application of economic and business theories to current themes in international trade and economic development, the strategy and performance of multinational enterprises, globalization and emerging markets, international financial management and capital markets.
In 2011, two institutes have together developed an innovative double degree joint program in Econometrics and Operations Research. The program offers you a sound education in economics, mathematics and statistics. You will become familiar with the range of important models at the heart of econometrics and operations research and how they can be applied; you will develop an aptitude for research, and become skilled in communicating mathematical and quantitative results. These elements together provide you with an econometrics and operations research toolkit that can be used to address a wide range of societal issues at home country or abroad.
In 2012, a new track of Economics is offered to the Fudan candidates.
Contact (for application, admission, tuition)
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