Fudan-Chung Ang Double Degree Master Program in Chinese Economy
Fudan-Chung-Ang Double Degree Master Program in Chinese Economy was launched in May 2007, when the collaboration agreement for academic exchange between the School of Economics at Fudan University and the Business School at Chung-Ang University was signed. The agreement was renewed in December 2011 as it was proved to be a successful educational program.
This is a two-year fulltime English-taught master degree program. Students being recruited are required to register in two schools respectively, with one year at School of Economics, Fudan University, and one year at Business School, Chung-Ang University. After the students enrolled in the program have successfully finished all the required courses as specified in the course plan, passed the examinations and thesis defense, they will be awarded both the Master’s Degree of Applied Economics (Chinese Economy Orientation) by Fudan University and the Master’s Degree of Business by Chung-Ang University with the approval from Academic Degrees Committee of both universities.
Aiming at training comprehensive talents in the field of Chinese economy, the program offers students not only the possibility to study the theories of macroeconomics and microeconomics, but also the potential to study in the special fields of Chinese Economy, such as Doing Business in China,  Chinese Foreign Trade,  international trade, capital market & financial system, tax system and industrial policy, etc.
Being launched in 2007, the program has proved to be a big success with a population of 81 graduates and 12 students enrolled currently.