Other Information
  • Financial Service    
    It is advised that you exchange some RMB cash on your arrival in Shanghai and keep a few hundred RMB at hand for daily use. You can find some banks providing currency exchange service at the exit of the airport.    
    Cards issued by most of the international credit card organizations can be identified by the ATMs in China. Among them, the most widely acceptable ones are VISAs and Master Cards.
    • We suggest you take a VISA card to China.

  • Public Transportation    
    The public transportation system in Shanghai consists of the Rail System, the Bus System and taxis.
    Generally, wherever you would like to go in Shanghai, you can take the Metro, get off at the nearest stop and take a bus or a taxi to the destination.
    Stadium Station of Line 10(at Wujiaochang commercial center).
    • The nearest Metro station to Handan Campus of Fudan University is Jiangwan

    • The railsystem includes Metro and Meglev, 12 lines in total.

    • The Bus System is composed of buses, Airport Expresses, etc.

  • Commercial Centers    
    The nearest commercial center to Handan Campus of Fudan University is Wujiaochang.
    The city center of Shanghai is People’s Square.
    • You can get there by taking Bus 537 outside the Foreign Student Dormitoryat Handan Campus.

    • You can get there by taking Bus 713outside the Foreign Student Dormitory at Handan Campus.