Foreign Student Dormitory Accommodation Notice

1、Students who have already booked a room please take up residence at the dormitory by arriving at No. 57 Wudong Rd with your letter of acceptance on the date which you booked the room for. We are unable to ensure that students who arrive earlier will have a room, and students will haveto find alternative accommodation for this period.
2、Students who did not book a room or failed to book a room may consult the front desk of the foreign students dormitory with their letter of acceptance. If there are empty rooms, the university will assign one to you.
3、Accommodation fee:
Main Building: Single Room 80RMB per person per day
Double Room 55RMB per person per day
Sub-Building: Single Room45RMB per person per day
Accommodation fee will be calculated from your date of residence to 2012-7-7.
4、Upon taking up residence it will be necessary to pay a deposit of RMB200. The deposit will be returned to you on leaving the room if you provide the deposit slip. Please take care of the deposit slip.
5、The dormitory does not provide bedding so please bring your own or prepare to buy bedding when you arrive. The dormitory shop and nearby markets and supermarkets all sell such items.
6、The dormitory front desk is manned 24 hours and you can take up residence at any time.
7、The front desk number is:
86-21-55076825  86-21-65643407 (Handan Campus)
86-21-54237119 (Fenglin Campus)

Hotels Nearby
Students who did not book the dorm or plan to live off campus can get related rental information through the following hotels
1. Tonghe International Students Dormitory
No2 Lane 28 Wudong Road Tel:86-21-6510-5187
2. YanyuanHotel of FudanUniversity
NO.270 Zhengtong Road Tel:86-21-6564-3600
3. ZhengdaDevelopmentCenter
NO.220 Handan Road Tel:86-21-6564-2249
4. Guest House of Fudan University
Lane 1 Guonian Road Tel:86-21-6564-3289