[ANNOUNCEMENT] diploma pickup for June 2020 EMA graduates-EMA at Fudan
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diploma pickup for June 2020 EMA graduates

Graduation package

One English transcript, one Chinese transcript, one English MA diploma, one Chinese MA diploma, one Chinese graduation certificate



The picking-up of the Graduation package


1. Receive in person: only for students currently living on-campus or in Shanghai


2. You can also authorize a trustworthy friend/classmate/relative to receive on behalf of you:

(1) The student emails the decision to the EMA office

(2) The authorizee brings the below documents to the EMA office

① Print, fill in and sign the Authorization Letter (available at https://econ.fudan.edu.cn/__local/0/01/FD/24903BC32AFFA83DD39FF3FAD38_B1DE0B61_1B927.pdf?e=.pdf)

② One copy of the authorizer’s valid passport/ID

③ The original copy of the the authorizee’s valid passport/ID


3. Receive by courier: email the signed Authorization Letter (available at AuthorizationLetter-courierversion.docx) to the EMA office


4. Email to the EMA office to help keep the package till _______________.


NOTE: the diploma and graduation certificates can NOT be produced again for any reason.