Chinese Economy:Syllabi-EMA at Fudan
Chinese Economy:Syllabi
EMA Courses (Chinese Economy), School of Economics

1st Semester Compulsory courses
EMAE620002 Microeconomics Degree 3 Syllabus
EMAE620009 Econometrics Degree 3 Syllabus
EMAE620000 Basic Chinese   (I) Degree 2 Syllabus
EMAE620007 Doing Business in China Degree 3 Syllabus
2nd   Semester Compulsory courses
EMAE620005 Macroeconomics Degree 3 Syllabus
3rd   SemesterCompulsory courses
EMAE620001 Chinese Economy Degree 3 Syllabus
EMAE620014 China’s Taxation System and Fiscal Policy Degree 3 Syllabus
Fall   Semester Optional courses
EMAE630025 Urbanization in China Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630002 Chinese Foreign Trade Optional 2 Syllabus
EMAE620018 International   Finance Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630018 Social Security System and Its Reform in China Optional 2 Syllabus
EMAE630147 Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economy Optional 2 Syllabus
Spring Semester Optional   courses
EMAE620015 China's Financial System Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE620004 Basic Chinese(II) Optional 2 Syllabus
EMAE630034 Quantitative Analysis of Financial Time Series Optional 3 Syllabus
ECON620062 Corporate  Finance Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630026 Industrial Organization Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630019 World Economy and China Optional 2 Syllabus
EMAE630006 Monographic Study on Chinese Finance Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630030 Dissertation Writing in Economics Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630024 Topics on Development Economics Optional 3 Syllabus
EMAE630032 International Trade Optional 3 Syllabus

The above syllabi are for reference only.

Note: In addition to the courses above, we have series of short-term courses named after Pro. Jiang Xuemo which are taught by the esteemed scholars from all over the world, normally with 1 credit each. According to the latest graduation rule for degree student, you have to take at least 1 short course during your 1st academic year. Course of each semester is subject to change.